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Sounds | The Kills - 103

Onderkoeld en toch zwoel/hot as hell. Derde track uit hun nieuwe album dat op 27 oktober zal verschijnen. Zowel de drums als gitaar klinken heel erg 'electro': zware beats dus en een bak distortion. Mosshart doet alweer eens geweldig haar ding.

God Games verschijnt op 27 oktober 2023 via Domino / V2 Records.

Luister ook naar: New York LA Hex


Following last month’s critically acclaimed dual single “New York/LA Hex,” the album’s announcement is accompanied by single “103.” Where “LA Hex” focused its gaze on the emotional and interpersonal realities of modern life in Los Angeles, “103” (as in Fahrenheit) highlights the brutal reality of daunting uninhabitability through the lens of a dark twisted love song – Mosshart croons cutting lyrics like “stick with me under the last palm tree / and sip a little water from the dirty fountain meant to be / the sum of it all.”

Shot in storied rock/fashion photographer and metaverse pioneer Steven Sebring’s custom-built 3D film studio, the video for “103” sees The Kills underneath the glare of an angry, imposing sun. Decked out in tanning goggles, solar eclipse glasses and matching reflective suits, Mosshart and Hince move with precision, at home in the chaos of high summer heat.


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