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Sounds | The Kills - LA Hex

De tweede nieuwe single is toch net iets anders. Lagen aan vervormde trompetklanken zweven boven een eigenwijze, meeslepende beats. Mosshart en Hince gaan hier erg onderkoeld in parlandostijl tewerk. Het geheel baadt - ook visueel - in een industrial sfeertje.

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The Kills–Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince–release their first newly recorded music in nearly seven years. The international duo who continue to set the pace for the genre with a pair of singles, “New York” and “LA Hex.”

Alongside the new tracks are a pair of music videos both directed by Andrew Theodore Balasia (Prada, Jeffrey Deitch Gallery). (...) A celebrated painter in her own right, Mosshart crafted the artwork for both singles herself, reminiscent of her ongoing series of painted-over playing cards.

The Kills have tallied hundreds of millions of streams across albums such as Keep On Your Mean Side [2003], Now Wow [2005], Midnight Boom [2008], and Blood Pressures [2011]. Most recently, Ash & Ice [2016] spawned fan favorites “Doing It To Death” and “Heart of a Dog.” Inciting critical applause, Pitchfork hailed the latter as “an ambitious record that encompasses everything they’ve done before, and NME described it as a ‘career highlight’ rating it four stars out of five. Following the praise of Ash & Ice, the band ventured back in time, taking a deep dive into their b-sides and rarities with Little Bastards [2020], a compilation album featuring a previously unreleased demo entitled “Raise Me.” All the while, The Kills hammered away at reissuing their renowned record, No Wow (The Tchad Blake Mixes) [2022], featuring remastered and reimagined mixes of the pivotal album.

In 2023, The Kills continue to reach new heights in their careers. They’re the rare force of nature whose music leaves onlookers awestruck, and with these new songs, “New York” / “LA Hex,” The Kills further etch the marks they’ve made on bending genres and pushing musical boundaries.


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