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Sounds | Johnny The Boy - Endless Senseless

Na een ferme tussenspurt met de vorige single neemt Johnny nu weer helemaal gas terug en is het opnieuw allemaal doom en gloom. Zowel het nummer als de video zijn niet voor gevoelige zieltjes. U weze gewaarschuwd.

You verschijnt op 9 juni via Season Of Mist.

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"The constant and endless abuse of the natural world and our environment, results in the horrific doom and gloom that comes with it. That shit is on us. Welcome to the beginning of the end.”

Although the band contains members of Crippled Black Phoenix, the music of Johnny The Boy took a whole different direction. It's creepy, heavy, dark and full of diabolical black metal screams from none other than Belinda Kordic.

Together with Justin Greaves and Matt Crawford, the band created an album with Bathory style elements, a touch of 'Satyricon BlacknRoll' and a bit of fast Motörhead.


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