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Sounds | Johnny The Boy - Druh

Voet op het gaspedaal en stevig indrukken voor de tweede single. Met een ware rotvaart raast de band door Druh en doet me meteen denken aan thrash of zelfs de rappe rock&roll van Motörhead (zoals ook hieronder beschreven. De screams van Kordic snijden door vel en been. Een serieus contrast met Crossings.

You verschijnt op 9 juni via Season Of Mist.

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Gloom Core trio Johnny The Boy are unveiling another dark song to the world called 'Druh'. The track is a tribute to Witold Pilecki (aka Druh) which means comrade, a song about bravery and sacrifice for a greater purpose above your own existence.

Although the band contains members of CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX, the music of Johnny The Boy took a whole different direction. It's creepy, heavy, dark and full of diabolical black metal screams from none other than Belinda Kordic.

Together with Justin Greaves and Matt Crawford, the band created an album with Bathory style elements, a touch of 'Satyricon BlacknRoll' and a bit of fast Motörhead.

Sometimes the best ideas come from spontaneity. Sometimes they come from gut instinct. When both happen simultaneously, anything is possible, unimaginable horrors included.

Born from a simple idea, and eventually coalescing over the last couple of years into a fully-formed entity, Johnny The Boy make music that fucking hurts. Armed with a scabrous but sculpted blend of ice-cold black metal, excoriating sludge and sinewy, white-knuckle rock’n’roll, the trio’s musical identity has arrived, perfectly imperfect and ready to eviscerate. Formed around a creative core of vocalist Belinda Kordic, guitarist Justin Greaves (both members of Crippled Black Phoenix) and bassist Matt Crawford (CBP alumnus and live bassist), Johnny The Boy began life as an instinctive grab for something darker and nastier.

“It began at a rehearsal with CBP many, many years ago,” says Greaves. “We were rehearsing down at Arthur’s, where CBP used to practice, and it was during one of those rehearsals that I just got on the guitar, someone else got on the drums and we were just fart-arsing about, with Belinda doing her necro vocals! Then we posted a little clip online and people starting asking, ‘Oh, is this legit?’ Like always, it took fucking years to even think about doing anything, but it was always going to happen.”

“In the background, there’s the fact that in the first band I was ever in, I sang that way,” adds Kordic. “I really missed doing that. We both missed that whole Iron Monkey, Varukers, aggressive side of music. That’s the first way of singing that I loved, and I’ve missed doing it. So we always wanted to do this.”

Brought together by a love of dark, twisted and extreme music and energised by an opportunity to return to the full-bore hostilities of their earlier creative years, Johnny The Boy‘s debut album You is the final proof that the best ideas cannot be stopped. A collaborative effort that brought the evil best out of everyone involved, it’s an album that has been stewed in real blood, sweat and tears. But mainly sweat.


Recording Line-up:

Belinda - Vokillz

Justin Greaves - Guiterrorist & Drumbs

Matt Crawford - Bass Avalanche


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