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Sounds | Hannah Aldridge - Psycho Killer (cover)

Jawel, die van Talking Heads, die best speels gekke song uit 1977 wordt nu door Aldridge in een bloedmooie donkere versie gebracht. Dit is één van drie covers die ik de komende dagen zal publiceren, allemaal vanuit het standpunt 'een eigen kijk op het origineel' en dus niet zomaar herkauwen.

Dream of America verschijnt op 16 juni 2023 via Icons Creating Evil Art.

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“We chose to cover ‘Psycho Killer’ because we wanted to do something fitting for the landscape of the record but also not obvious. Most of the songs on the record are about the underbelly of America and the lyrics to ‘Psycho Killer’ fit in with that theme perfectly. We wanted to to make sure we represented the song in a way that felt like my music but also didn’t take away from the original song.

While researching previous portraits of the widely interpreted song, Hannah found that the plethora of covers lacked a version which approached the song from a beautiful Noir angle. “I had to really sing this song a lot of times to figure out how I wanted to deliver it and how to keep it consistent with the other songs on the record.” Hannah explains and goes on; “In the end I decided to sing it like I was almost talking to myself under my breath and doing a call and response with the voices in my head. I felt like that approach made it even more unsettling when you lay the lyrics on top of this laid back beautiful music.


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