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Sounds | Hannah Aldridge - Portrait Of The Artist As A Middle Aged Man

Voor het geval de muziek van deze klasse dame niet meteen zou binnenkomen, krijgen we er opnieuw een héél sfeervolle en uiterst knap gestylde video bij alsook een best opvallende titel. Wat mij betreft zijn dit gewoon de kersen op de taart, gezien ik ondertussen al sinds het najaar van 2021 voor de stem en songs val. Alsof het nog niet genoeg is, blijkt de dame dan nog eens een getalenteerde actrice. Een genre erbij? Wat denken jullie van americana/southern gothic/alt country?

Dream of America verschijnt op 16 juni 2023 via Icons Creating Evil Art.

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Hannah Aldridge grew up on the muddy banks of Muscle Shoals—her birthright is music and Alabama. A reckoning between her coming-of-age in the South and a lifetime of trying to create an identity outside of it, her songs strike a delicate balance between rebellion and self-discovery. These two themes weave through Aldridge’s gifted storytelling, making for records that soothe like a lullaby and crack like a whip. For those raised in the Bible Belt, Aldridge’s music sounds like the voice of an old friend who understands. For those not in the know, her music is an initiation to the dark side of the South, Christian fundamentalism and the struggle to forge a future in a place haunted by its past.

Daughter of Muscle Shoals legend Walt Aldridge, Hannah started her musical journey as a classically-trained pianist. It wasn’t until her early twenties that she first picked up a guitar and began using music as an outlet to grapple with her demons. With a voice equal parts gritty and melodic, the emerging artist took to the road, entertaining crowds in ten countries and three continents with her acclaimed debut album 'Razor Wire', superb follow-up 'Gold Rush' and 'Live in Black and White' -a beautifully captured live album recorded in London, England.

Aldridge has expanded her artistic vision with the ambitious, cinematic 'Dream of America'. A highly collaborative project, produced in three corners of the world with renowned Melbourne based artist/producer Lachlan Bryan, producer/engineer Damian Cafarella and Swedish mix engineer Frans Hägglund, the record peers through the lens of fading Hollywood starlets, charming psychopaths and weary vagabonds -navigating society’s underbelly through dark, romantic vignettes. Hannah’s haunting vocals, assisted by her father’s expert vocal production, deliver a cathartic message of defiance.

Hannah Aldridge’s fierce Southern energy reaches through every speaker, whether it’s in a dashboard doing 80 down I-65, a rock club in Amsterdam or a Honky Tonk in her adopted hometown of Nashville. The new album treads a fine line between the genial charm of Americana, and the raw, hypnotic and occasionally electronic stylings of what some might like to call ‘noir indie pop’. It is music for those looking to confront their demons without remaining tethered to them.

Deploying a charming blend of power and vulnerability, Aldridge delivers her stories with all the conviction of a church bell ringing out through the streets of a small Alabama town.


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