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Sounds | Woodstock Barbie - Cats & Goats (ft. Yves Krismer)

Voor de liefhebbers van vintage blues rock gedrenkt in een bad van soul en stoner rock: hear hear! Cats & Goats grooved als een tiet (kan een tiet überhaupt grooven?) en het vocale duel tussen 'Woodstock Barbie' Alexandra en gastmuzikant Yves Krismer (Mother's Cake) is er eentje om aan je vingers en duimen te doen sabbelen. Wil iemand deze band uit hun Hongaarse habitat sleuren en hier op podia (en festivals natuurlijk) droppen please?

Witch of the Dice verschijnt in februari 2023.

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Woodstock Barbie infuses vintage blues rock with scratchy stoner and silky soul.

Their debut EP Never Gonna Fall in Line came out in October 2019 and immediately they ended up sharing the stage with Dopethrone (CAN). Spending all weekends together in the rehearsal room is like a therapy session for them, and they already working on new songs. During the lockdown they came out with Live at Pinewood, including two brand new songs, and they got invited to the mysthical Mount of Artan Festival in Serbia, what unfortunately due to the pandemic had been cancelled, but they played at Fekeze Zaj Festival in Hungary. They won the Hungarian Fülesbagoly talent competition’s ‘Best Female Singer’ and ‘Best Musican’ awards.

Their headstart for 2021: they had been selected to HEMI Music Award, a 9 month long international program where they were in the best 9 bands across the region. Their new EP Soul Smoke came out in April, then they hit numerous Hugnarian festival stages and even been able to perform at Mount of Artantoo. They got into the Czech Blues Aperitive competition where they won to play at the main Polish Blues Alive festival in November, with an additional Polish tour attached to it, then they had their first showcase concert at PIN Music Conference in Skopje with great success.

In 2022 they also perfomed at Mastering the Music Business in Bucharest, and wrote a song Cats & Goats in collaboration with Yves Krismer from Mother’s Cake.

Sandra comes from the jazz, swing, pop, R&B scene and had no idea about this dirty underground stoner world. Arián and Roti roar together in Grizzly, and Ádám used to play drums in decent bands like the Bohemian Betyars, Antonia Vai Band amongst many others.

The band: Alexandra Pádár (vocal)

Arián Horváth (guitar, keys)

Ádám Gilinger (drums)

Áron Vilczek (bass)


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