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Sounds | Wildwood Kin, Never Alone (live)

Na Morganway een tweede (jonge/nieuwe) band uit het V.K. die ons kon overtuigen de afgelopen maanden. Wildwoord Kin staat ook voor alternative/indie/folk met prachtige melodieën en pakkende harmonieën. Zussen Emilie en Beth Key en hun nicht Meghann Loney brachten oktober vorig jaar hun twee (zelfgetitelde) album uit.

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ter info "Hey guys! We hope you’re all doing ok out there. We wrote ‘Never Alone’ as a message of hope and solidarity during a really hard time. It was written to combat feelings of isolation and loneliness which so many of us can experience in our minds on a daily basis.

We never anticipated that a year on, the world would be contending with such an unprecedented level of isolation physically as well as mentally. We filmed this video session on our album release tour last year and we hope it brings you some comfort and encouragement today!

We’d love to hear what’s helped you to stay positive and purposeful during lockdown - let’s keep looking after one another and lifting each-other up during this time. X"


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