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Sounds | Tim Montana - Die Today

Jaja, meneer Montana blijft het potig aanpakken met zijn derde single. Stadion rock noemde ik het eerder, met een klein snuifje metalcore, vooral in het refrein. Ik hoor ook duidelijk invloeden van o.a. Alter Bridge in de muziek. Zeker geen foute referentie.

Savage verschijnt op 12 juli 2024 via Music Knox Records/BBR Music Group/BMG Nashville

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“Die Today” is a gritty and grungy anthem that pays tribute to the special forces of the military who run into gunfire and lay down their lives for strangers, as Tim Montana is a vocal supporter of veterans. The gloomy guitars, Montana's gravelly vocals, and downright nasty guitar solos make this a "must listen" from Savage. It's a '90s-inspired song that truly comes to life when performed on stage, and fans will be screaming along to every syllable.

"I had the title 'Die Today' for several years and couldn’t figure out an angle to write it," says Montana. "When I sat down to write for the album Savage, I started chasing this title again. Right away, my friend who was in Special Operations texted me. I knew right then that this song had to be about heroes who put their lives on the line to save strangers. This song is dedicated to the special operations community and any hero who puts their life on the line for others."

On the Music Knox/BMG release Savage, Montana gets in touch with his undeniable rock 'n' roll roots. Armed with grit, guitars, and a hunger for glory, Montana has been endorsed by Dave Grohl and ZZ Top's Billy F Gibbons, booked by David Letterman, and had his anthems used by the MLB and NHL. His moody, crackling, '90s-influenced riffs and whiskey-soaked vocals reel fans in while his storytelling keeps them. Savage is a custom and combustible cocktail, served in a dirty, cracked glass that proves why Montana earned iHeartRadio's "On The Verge" accolade.


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