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Sounds | Reach, The Law

Oh wat kunnen Zweden toch schitterende melodieën schrijven, gewoonlijk zo straf dat je hen vergeeft dat het - voor de rockers dan - meer pop dan rock is. Wat deze single van Reach betreft wuif je trouwens ook de kritiek weg dat ze de aanzet toch wel gepikt hebben van een vrij bekende nummer van dat groepje van een zekere Jack White. Swingen, dansen, shaken en luidkeels meezingen is de boodschap. Ik ken bovendien héél wat van onze 'jonge' vrouwelijke fotografen die op de eerste rij zullen staan wanneer de jongens bij ons komen spelen. ”The title of this song states the obvious subject. It’s fascinating and terrifying how we created these specific rules to streamline our behaviour towards authority and community. For the greater good? That’s the point, right? But for whose greater good? The Law is not about ”a law” but a song dedicated to the broken and corrupt states around the world. It calls to look up and see what kind of controlling systems and oppresive structures that govern us, without being written down in any book of law legally speaking, but rather is something fundamental that goes back thousands of years in human history. These are laws that are created by us, but do not belong to us and do not exist for our sake.”

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ter info The alternative rock band Reach was founded in 2012 and is a power trio consisting of Ludvig Turner, Marcus Johansson and Soufian Ma´Aoui. During their eight years as a band, they have released albums praised by critics and met audiences from stages around Europe. Reach is defined by strong melodies and original songwriting - they are keen to constantly be under development and chasing a sound that is exciting and unique.

The band members playfulness and mutual trust gives the trio freedom to offer explosive, intimate live shows with a lot of free improvisation. In February Reach gave a sold out show at the Fryshuset, Stockholm with rock bands H.E.A.T and Chrashdïet followed by a performance at Trädgårn, Gothenburg. In December, they would embark on an extensive European tour together with H.E.A.T and supported by Deaf Rat. Out on the roads they bring an explosive repertoire full of new songs.


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