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Sounds | Kitt Wakeley, Sinners And Saints

Wat een sterk staaltje muziek, wat zal de titel zijn van de eerste actiefilm die deze orchestral rock opus zal gebruiken ? Geen idee, maar als het aan de muziek ligt, zal de actie van je scherm spatten. Kitt Wakeley brengt met Sinners And Saints de tweede soundtrack van zijn nieuwe album Symphony Of Sinners And Saints. Een epische song waar vele talenten aan mee hebben meegewerkt zoals het Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, bassist Ryan Miller, drummer Brent Berry, guitarist Paige Harwell, and the London Voices Choir.


With a fearless, unapologetic approach to music, Kitt Wakeley creates an electrifying amalgamation of orchestra, rock, EDM, and piano, resulting in an epic cinematic vibe that evokes a variety of emotions. A largely self-taught musician, Kitt started on horns in his young teens, then moved to keyboards, then on to synthesizers. The discovery of synths resonated especially deeply with Kitt and started him towards what would ultimately be his calling. At 16, he had his first song on local Oklahoma radio. This success led to him writing and scoring various other regional projects. All the while, Kitt was expanding his writing voice and working with deeper orchestration. Later, Kitt was drawn to the vibrant nature and musical freedom of EDM. Under the moniker of AudioKaoz, he explored genre-bending in his electronic music compositions, blending electronica with rock and other musical elements. The more he wrote/recorded, the more he incorporated the use of traditional sounds, including brass and strings, into his experimentations. Again, and again, he found himself coming back to orchestration.

In addition to Wakeley on synths and piano, the album features Satriani on two tracks, plus the talents of guitarists Andy Timmons (Danger Danger, Pink, Olivia Newton-John), Grammy-nominated pianist Paul Loomis, Paige Harwell, and Daniel Uribe, bassist Brent Berry, drummer Ryan Miller the London Voices choir (Paul McCartney, Luciano Pavarotti, the Hunger Games series), and Dallas’ Gospel of Light Choir. The album was co-produced, engineered, and mixed by three-time Grammy Award-winner Tre Nagella (Lady Gaga, Blake Shelton, Snoop Dogg) at Luminous Sound Studios in Dallas, TX.

While the global pandemic postponed what was to be Kitt’s most ambitious concert to date, a spring 2020 performance at Carnegie Hall with a full orchestra, as soon as he can safely return to the stage, Kitt will once again perform for live audiences. Past audiences, such as the capacity crowd of 2200 at Oklahoma City’s Bricktown Event Center, were captivated by his exciting orchestral show.

When Kitt isn't writing and recording for his own projects, he is in high demand producing pop, rock, and country tracks for other artists.


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