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Sounds | King Hannah, Big Big Baby

Helemaal in lijn met de beide voorgaande singles is Big Big Baby opnieuw een staaltje van bloedhete, duistere verleiding. De stem, de beat, de algehele sfeer ... pure lust! Toch wel wat contrasterend is de knappe, kunstzinnige video.

I'm Not Sorry, I Was Just Being Me verschijnt op 25 februari 2022 via City Slang/Konkurrent. Luister ook naar: All Being Fine A Well-Made Woman


The Liverpool duo of Hannah Merrick and Craig Whittle, aka King Hannah unveil their beguiling new single “Big Big Baby”, the latest scintillating taste from their forthcoming debut LP “I’m Not Sorry, I Was Just Being Me”, and one which comes accompanied by a beautiful video directed Whittle himself. Channelling an elegantly haunted mix of early PJ Harvey and vintage Mazzy Star, “Big Big Baby” is yet another robust example of what sets King Hannah so far beyond their peers today. The 90’s-esque bass line comes first, followed by the lines, “I can’t explain, you were a pain pain pain pain”, which Merrick sings with subtle yet undeniable confidence. Unsettling and wholly captivating and heavily influenced by noisy grunge bands from the 90’s, the aim was to make this track as raw and real as possible, reminiscent of the music King Hannah love the most. Rolling drums, one repetitive bass line and big, noisy guitars that drive harder and build tension, creating a growing sense of uneasiness as the song goes on, support the track’s revenge-full lyrics and simple, throaty vocal melody, that oozes 90’s female confidence and restraint. facebook


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