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Sounds | King Hannah, A Well-Made Woman

Wat als je nu eens de sfeer van een Mazzy Star in een humeurige duisternis doet baden? Wel, dan krijg je A Well-Made Woman van dit fantastische duo. Hannah Merrick heeft zo een van die donkere, mysterieuze stemmen die me direct inpakken. Ze croont verleidelijk boven een repetitieve drumbeat en de vervormde, grungy gitaarpartijen. Rauw en 'spooky', rijk en toch ergens low key. Prachtig.

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Taken from their forthcoming debut album, details of which are yet to be announced, “A Well-Made Woman” draws deep from the well of haunted Americana, finding inspiration at the intersection of the lysergic folk of Mazzy Star and Cowboy Junkies and the dark alchemy of the likes of Smog and Codeine, but stripped back, contoured and refined, reflective of the pair’s respect for the potency of economy and a pitch black sense of humour. “A Well-Made Woman”, for instance, rides in on a sinister walking guitar line to the rattle of a voodoo rhythm, while Whittle whips up a growing storm of feedback and Merrick’s smoky, feline voice wraps itself languorously around lines like “I wanna be a mother one day…something tells me I’ll be waiting a long, long, long time”. The video produced and directed by Whittle meanwhile, is another example of the pair’s mastery of offbeat simplicity, with surreal projections and oversaturated colours bringing the song to vivid, cinematic life, like lost frames from a Jodorowsky movie. You too will fall under their spell.


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