• John Van de Mergel

Sounds | Kids With Buns, untitled

Hola, de kids gaan 'electronica' met veel galm, gadgets en gimmicks. Het klinkt uiterst professioneel en 'internationaal', maar ik weet niet goed wat ervan te denken. Uiteindelijk doet wat ik denk er ook helemaal niet toe. Als dit de weg is die Amber en Marie willen uitgaan, dan fine with me. Gewoon luisteren dus, mits deze waarschuwing van mijn kant: verwacht geen geitewollensokkenfolk op basis van een akoestische gitaar en een uiterst herkenbare stem. Alle gekheid op een stokje: Marie haar prachtige stem blijft dè constante waardoor dit nummer op z'n minst een eerlijke kans verdient. Het gitaarwerk van Amber kompt echter steeds meer op hetzelfde niveau te staan en dat zorgt toch wel voor een andere dynamiek dan we gewoon zijn.


Kids With Buns today share their new single ‘untitled’. The single talks about "the growing self-centredness in society, which makes us feel the kind of loneliness and alienation that you can't put into words". In the video, a family is sitting at the table having dinner. The daughter wants to make it clear that something is wrong, but nobody listens. Out of frustration, she does everything to get attention, but everyone just keeps doing their thing.

“untitled” was produced by Daan Schepers (Balthazar, Warhola, Eefje de Visser). After their successes with singles ‘Bad Grades’, ‘1712’ and ‘She’, it’s their most mature song so far.

We wrote “untitled” about the growing self-centeredness in society, that leaves us feeling the kind of loneliness and estrangement you cannot put into words. The idea for the song sprouted from a personal experience of being ghosted by someone near to your heart. Suddenly, you’re left with your questions, on your own. Throughout the writing process we realized this wasn’t an isolated incident, but we’re growing up in an Instagrammable, yet apathetic world. With gloomy soundscapes, intimate yet turbulent guitars and heartfelt vocals, we puzzled together a track that embodies that feeling of alienation.”

Lyrics collected from personal diaries, guitar chords composed in bedrooms, songs that have been bottling up for years. Amber and Marie never dared to share their music up until the age of 19 and 21, when Kids With Buns stepped out of their rooms onto the stage.

It’s a bedroom indie pop project, pushing the boundaries musically and thematically. Digging deep into their psyche and personal experiences, the young artists meticulously transform their honest feelings into music. Where their two minds collide, their music takes shape. A melancholic micro universe takes shape when their pure yet distinctive guitars merge together with the androgynous voice of Marie and the silky tones of Amber.

In 2020 Kids With Buns released their first track and immediately became the face of the yearly campaign of “1712”, the Belgian violence helpline, with their synonymously titled song touching upon sexual intimidation.

After winning Studio Brussels’ De Nieuwe Lichting 2021, their single “bad grades” hit number one in Studio Brussel’s De Afrekening and amassed over one million streams worldwide. Live, Kids With Buns translates their music in a disarming way and has, so far, captivated audiences in Belgium and The Netherlands (Lokerse Feesten, OLT Rivierenhof…)


foto: John Van de Mergel