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Sounds | Katie Pruitt, Merry Christmas Mary Jane

Ook de Amerikaanse singer/songwriter Katie Pruitt brengt ons een aangename Kerstsong. Ik hou er wel van als ze niet traditioneel zijn, maar ons verrassen met een twist. Merry Christmas Mary Jane zal zeker dit jaar de Chrismas song worden voor alle stoners.

So light up your smoke and relax met deze poppy blues.

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Pruitt says, “Merry Christmas Mary Jane is the quintessential holiday song for stoners. The holidays can be stressful & when the egg nog isn’t strong enough sometimes we need a little extra help lifting our spirits. I wrote this song on Christmas Eve after dealing with some family drama. I was stressed & fresh out of weed, so my best friend picked me up & we drove around the neighborhood hot boxing his Red Ford Explorer. Sometimes all you need to get through the holidays is a friend to talk to & a strong strain of Mary Jane.”


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