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Sounds | Jesper Lindell, Twilight (ft. Amy Helm)

Over de song zelf moeten we niet teveel zeggen: fans van het genre kennen die namelijk maar al te goed. Enkel het tempo ligt nu iets hoger én we krijgen er de warme stem van Amy Helm bij. Een mooi duet.

Twilights verschijnt op 18 maart 2022 via Rootsy Music.

Luister ook naar: Twilight (origineel)

Leave A Light On Lees

There’s this quote by Amy’s father that I’ve always liked: “If you pour some music on whatever’s wrong, it’ll sure help out.” - Levon Helm To me no truer words have been spoken. Because making this album and the ten songs it contains has meant everything to me. Even though I was going through dialysis, I really loved writing and recording these ten songs. And when I was isolated due to being at higher risk of infection during the pandemic, I was looking forward to the next recording session the whole time. Me and my friends got to figure out these songs, what they would be and what they would sound and feel like. Writing and recording music has become such an important part of my life. Something I don’t think I can live without doing. But there’s something I KNOW I can’t live without. And that is to just simply listen to music. That has probably changed my life more than I will ever know. It has brought me together with people that I now call my best friends, people that I love. Music has the ability to bring people together. And this year we’ll be out there ripping and rocking trying as hard as we can to, hopefully, bring people together, when so many others seem to want the opposite. Keep your eyes open, Thank you all! - Jesper Lindell


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