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Sounds | Jesper Lindell, Leave A Light On

Met zijn diepere, warme stem en met de steun van blazers weet Lindell een dosis soul in zijn americana te brengen. Leave A Light On straalt heel wat positiviteit uit alsook een boodschap van hoop. De perfecte song om van te genieten tijdens een laatavond rit langs verlaten wegen, terwijl je geniet van een prachtige zonsondergang en alle beslommeringen van de dag achter je laat.

Het nieuwe album verschijnt in 2022 via Rootsy Music.


Jesper Lindell announces the release of his brand new song “Leave A Light On” on 18 June. It is the first single taken from his upcoming album, planned for release in 2022. It will be the follow-up to “Everyday Dreams” from 2019.

The single “Leave A Light On” is nothing less than a statement. Jesper Lindell is not a helpless victim of circumstances. He is a world class songwriter and a powerful singer, with a clear and uncompromising vision. Recovering from a recent kidney transplant, Jesper and his fabulous six piece band are ready to introduce their new music to the world! During the past year in isolation, Jesper has written and recorded a lot of music, to be released in the next few months.

Jesper Lindell was the breakout star of 2017 on the Swedish music scene, when he released his debut EP. Produced by Benkt Söderberg, father and former producer of the world-renowned sister duo First Aid Kit, 'Little Less Blue' presented a collection of songs that were equal parts soul, Americana and rock. The praise from Swedish music journalists was immediate: the notable rock guru Jan Gradvall likened Jesper Lindell to a “young, agile and karate-kicking Van Morrison”, and well-respected music magazine GAFFA noted that Lindell was a 'shooting star' who seemed too talented to be a product of a such a small country like Sweden.

The singer, songwriter, piano and guitar player from Ludvika, near Stockholm in Sweden, has been writing songs since he was 13 years old. When he was seventeen, Jesper moved away from Ludvika to attend a “rock high school” in Örebro. There he co-founded the seventies rock band Almost Nature, inspired by bands like Savoy Brown, Grand Funk Railroad and Thin Lizzy. Two of the other co-founders, André Kvarnström and Kristoffer Schander, later went on to play in the international successful blues rock band Blues Pills.

It was during the time with Almost Nature that Jesper for the first time introduced one of his own songs to anyone outside his family. “I was writing songs since I was 13, but this was the first time I felt that thing that makes music something more than just having fun, drinking beer and dreaming of becoming a rock star. It was a mind blowing feeling and I’ve carried that same feeling every day since. It made me realize that making music is what I always wanted to do. Every new day is an opportunity to write better songs, to find my true voice and to develop into the kind of musician, singer and songwriter that I would like to listen to myself.”

With the success of ‘Everyday Dreams’ (2019) and the regained independence for Jesper, the old dream of touring and playing live was within reach. He moved back to his home town Ludvika, built a studio and started to rehearse a band of old friends. During the fall of 2019 they did their first tour and in February 2020, they embarked another major tour in Scandinavia with Memphis act Liz Brasher. With two weeks left of the tour schedule, the pandemic hit and the remaining gigs were cancelled. As well as the 50+ gig summer tour of Scandinavia and Italy. As if that was not enough of bad luck, Jesper was reminded of his congenital kidney disease, and his health condition rapidly got worse. Transplantation was soon the only option. While waiting for his dad to be approved as donator, Jesper’s been in dialysis three times a week. The wait in the corona year has been even longer, due to the overworked health care.

(Jennifer Smits, No L Agency)


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