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Sounds | Israel Nash - Can't Stop

Nash blijft ook bij deze derde single op het uitgestippelde pad van vlotte americana / heartland rock. Niet de variatie die ik graag had gehoord, op het feit na dat er niet één gitaarsolo is die het nummer afrondt, maar een eerdere. Tweemaal snoepen dus. Toch hoop ik op meer variatie op zijn nieuwe album.

Ozarker verschijnt op 20 oktober 2023 via Loose Music. Luister ook naar: Ozarker

Roman Candle


“I think the reason so much of that classic heartland rock and roll endures is because it touches on themes we all feel so deeply: desire, struggle, commitment, escape,” says Nash. “As an artist, I’m always aspiring to touch as many people as possible, and that’s what this music has always represented for me.”

A sing-along, anthemic rocker that shakes with a message of resilience, determination, and a refusal to back down in the face of challenge, “Can’t Stop” is a driving song meant for open highways and free spirits who celebrate the unbreakable vigor that lies within. “Can’t Stop” also follows “Roman Candle” and the album’s fiery title track, a song that is the

subject of Nash’s Beyond The Song series, a rich, documentary-style collection dedicated to the stories and characters that inspire and shape the forthcoming album.


Foto: Viv Naastepad @TivoliVredenburg

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