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Sounds | Islander, The Outsider

Een leuke opbouw met een ietwat explosief refrein; dat is het nieuwe liedje van Islander. Het is een liedje voor iedereen die het gevoel heeft dat hij/zij er niet bijhoort.

Frontman Mikey Carvajal vertelt het volgende over The Outsider: “Growing up, I was attracted to the punk rock subculture because it didn’t push me away…'The Outsider' is a song for anyone that feels like an outcast. Anyone that is struggling to fit in... know that you are loved, you are beautiful, and you are always welcome at Islander’s table. Don’t ever forget that".

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Islander vibes with the mantra that complacency is the deadly enemy of progress. The South Carolina band refuses to grow stagnant with time by challenging themselves to continually evolve. No two singles are alike, yet the group finds a way to make the combination of their vast influences work together. You cannot call what Islander does rock or rap or even nu-metal. They make music that moves people, plain and simple, and that's all they want to do.


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