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Sounds | Hellfox, Our Lady of Sorrow

Ik heb op onze redactie zo'n beetje de naam om nogal gevoelig te zijn voor bands die één of meer vrouwelijke schoonheden in hun gelederen hebben. Hoe ik daar aan kom zou ik begot niet weten maar ik vind het hoegenaamd niets om over te moeten schamen. En af toe kan het geen kwaad om eens aan de verwachtingen te voldoen.

Dus toen ik de Italiaanse dames van Hellfox hoorde voorbijkomen in onze redactiemailbox was dit een lichtpuntje in deze donkere dagen dat ik graag met u wil delen.

Het intrigerende aan Hellfox is dat je er moeilijk een genre op kan kleven. Er zit wat death metal in, een beetje NWOBHM, een lichte toets Thrash maar vooral klinkt het stevig. Héél stevig! Met de mooie contrastering tussen de cleane vocals van frontvrouw Greta Antico en de grunts van bassiste Priscilla Foresti als grote troef. Maar in deze video zult u ook, net als ik, kunnen vaststellen dat die Frederica Piscopo best een aardig potje kan drummen.

Hun nieuwe album, The Call, verschijnt op 21 januari 2022 via Music For The Masses Records


Hellfox was born from the 4 members’ different musical tastes and influences. We're not trying to fit into a genre, our music expremes the need to convey what we have behind the mask everyone wears in every day life, independently of what we are. Instrumental parts are made of acid and distorted sounds with great atmospheres, where two voices fights with each other’s. The band formed during 2019 winter, thanks to the Greta and Priscilla rediscovered friendship. In February 2019 they find Gloria, and after a long and exhausting research, finally they find Federica to properly complete the band.

Hellfox trademark is represented by the dualism between Greta and Priscilla’s voices, which intertwine while telling the tales of the album. But let the band members’ words speak for their own:

“HELLFOX is an alternative metal (alt-metal) leaning towards melodic Death Metal. In spite of four rather different musical backgrounds, we’re on the same page on the inspiration we draw from Amorphis, In Flames and Dark Tranquillity in the process of songwriting, while we’ve chosen to detach from the Symphonic context, widely regarded as feminine, inserting acid, distorted synths in order to create a modern mood we felt our own and committed more adherently to the pop vibe of Greta’s melodic voice. The dualism existing within HELLFOX is not to be meant as a conflicting one, it’s rather the result of different voices interacting inside the human soul, different faces if we want to put it down this way. Faces mingling and generating the person in itself, in its entirety, who create and live in harmony and balance although seemingly clashing one another. We do not use masks to conform to the mass, while we don’t even want to distinguish ourselves at any cost, in a society where normality is a mere surface. The abyss, on the other hand, is made of countless personality facets, both for the collective and the single human being. Our message is accessible to all, everyone can recognize it in her or himself: that small, tiny voice in your head which attracts or repulses you…’cause nothing is normal for us, nothing is different.”


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