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Sounds | Dylan Schneider - Daddy Drinks Whiskey

Een eerlijk aangrijpend verhaal vertelt/zingt Dylan Schneider in deze autobiografische song.

Power moet je niet verwachten, Daddy Drinks Whiskey is echter een goed verhaal dat prachtig gebracht wordt.

Ook het refrein blijft hangen al kan m'n voorliefde voor whiskey hier ook iets mee te maken hebben.

luister ook naar: Aint Missin' You.


Nashville, TN (November 3, 2023) – Praised by Billboard as “Country Music’s Next Rising Star,” Dylan Schneider has lived a lot of life in only 24 years. Writing Dustin Lynch’s emotive Top 5 “Momma’s House” at 18, scoring two RIAA-Gold records by 22, going viral with his radio single “Ain’t Missin’ You” at 23 and gaining over 300,000 social followers in just a few months, the up-and-comer isn’t afraid of honest storytelling and the vulnerability that comes along with it. Today releasing the painful, auto-biographical “Daddy Drinks Whiskey” via BBR Music Group/Wheelhouse Records, Schneider hopes others find comfort in the fact they aren’t alone when struggling with a loved one’s alcoholism. A heart-breaking reality for so many.

Releasing music with “a more mature sound” (American Songwriter), the “Artist to Watch” (Amazon Music, Pandora, Taste of Country) continues to “expand the bounds of his artistry” and “build upon his foundational country roots with intentionality” (American Songwriter), ultimately making “…music that his fans fall in love with, without losing the authenticity that he has had all along” (Country Swag). Produced by Zach Abend and written with his childhood best friend Gabe Foust and Nate Kenyon, Schneider performed “Daddy Drinks Whiskey” for the first-time ever in the Grand Ole Opry’s sacred Circle earlier this week (October 31), delivering an emotional debut to a packed-out audience.

At only 15, Schneider found success in music and began traveling to Nashville constantly, fighting a battle no one ever knew existed. Now at 24, he’s realized the power this experience, and this song might mean in someone else’s life. Exclusively speaking with American Songwriter, he shared the truth that lies in lyrics on “Daddy Drinks Whiskey.”

"I wrote this song a few years ago after going through a very difficult time, and this song gives a little glimpse into what that looked like,” Schneider admits. “I hope that people can hear my story and know that they aren't alone when going through similar times."


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