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Sounds | Christopher Tignor - Ritual of a Thousand Limbs

Tignor laat zijn academische achtergrond samensmelten met zijn ervaringen in nachtclubs. De manier waarop hij zijn viool via pedalen - die ook synths en een kickdrum aansturen - door software 'perst' resulteert in een adembenemende, donkere compositie van zo'n zeven minuten. De pakkende performance van paaldanseres Rachelle Nidra Somma geeft het stuk een extra dimensie. Zéér knap in beeld gebracht ook.

The Art of Surrender verschijnt op 29 september via Western Vinyl/Konkurrent.


Christopher Tignor is a composer, violinist, lecturer, and software engineer. His emotionally charged scores and unique focus on live, performance-based electroacoustic practice has won acclaim within both the classical and experimental communities across 10 LPs on the Western Vinyl and New Albion record labels. He creates the live performance software he uses, shared freely. As a composer he has written and recorded work for ensembles including The Knights, A Far Cry string orchestra, and Brooklyn Rider string quartet, performing alongside them at premiere venues including Carnegie's Zankel Hall. As a string arranger he has worked with Helios, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, John Congleton, This Will Destroy You, Meshell Ndegeocello, and several other artists at the boundaries of popular music.

As a result of his unique performance technique using tuning forks, Christopher is a sponsored artist of the German tuning fork maker Wittner. Likewise, renown software leader Antares sponsors Christopher for his inventive application of Auto-Tune as a "choral" violin harmonizer. Ritual of a Thousand Limbs (...) alludes to the 1000 arms and hands of the Avalokiteshvara, a bodhisattva associated with compassion. The song weaves back and forth between this impulse and its more somatic, lustful urges, a study in the duality of desire and acceptance. The video for the work is a collaboration with girlfriend Rachelle Somma, who’s unique, award-winning approach to dance blends pole-dancing with modern forms to create a spellbinding interpretation completely unique to both mediums.


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