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Sounds | Boston Manor, Foxglove

Boston Manor is volop nieuwe muziek aan het maken. Deze week kregen we daar een voorproefje van. Na de release van hun EP Desperate Times, Desperate Pleasures vorig jaar, gaan ze volop voor meer releases via Sharptone Records. Foxglove is alvast veelbelovend en maakt nog maar eens duidelijk wat de de Britse band in haar mars heeft.

“We’re in a cool spot in our writing at the moment where we’re all reaching for the same thing. We’re able to get to the root of an idea quite quickly. This one is kinda woozy with a weird groove that you can dance to. It’s about losing your grip on things and starting to feel the train coming off the tracks. The video was a lot of fun to shoot, it spanned several nights across the North West of England hanging out of a box truck with a camera strapped to me”.

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Over de laatste ep

‘Desperate Times Desperate Pleasures’ incorporates five tracks including the new single and recently released compositions ‘Algorithm’and ‘Carbon Mono’, which was already inciting moshpits and scream-alongs at the band’s first shows back this summer. The collection sees Boston Manor tapping into teen influences of the late 90s – the Cardigans, the Cranberries, later-era Depeche Mode. They recorded their new material at Stustustudio, the Brixton recording location run by producer Larry Hibbitt.


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