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Sounds | Architects, Dead Butterflies

Vandaag krijgen we de derde teaser van Architects' nieuwe album For Those That Wish To Exist. Ook deze keer is het een vrij rustige song vocaal, maar ook instrumentaal. Dead Butterflies komt met een videoclip die werd gefilmd tijdens hun recente livestream in de Royal Albert Hall in Londen.

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Architects is a British metalcore band that started in 2004. They really found their sound when releasing The Here and Now in 2013. The year after, Daybreaker was released. It was with Lost Forever // Lost Together that they gained popularity and really stayed on the radar. After the release of All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us in 2016, guitarist and lyricist Tom Searle lost his battle against cancer. This has had a huge impact on the band. However, they released a new album in 2018 titled Holy Hell, which was a tribute to their brother.

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