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Sounds | Predatory Void - Grovel

Met een loodzware, slepende riffs en beukende drums gaat de derde single van Predatory Void van start. Na zowat veertig seconden barst dan het geweld en de chaos los. Grovel schakelt doorlopend tussen trage(re), donkere passages en razend geweld. Een bridge geeft ons even de tijd om naar adem te happen en de eindspurt in te zetten. Niet voor gevoelige zieltjes!

Seven Keys to the Discomfort of Being verschijnt op 21 april 2023 via Century Media Records.

LIVE zaterdag 29 april 2023, De Zwerver (Leffinge, BE) ... ook op Roadburn en Alcatraz!


Predatory Void comments: "'Grovel' is a death metal inspired track about the cyclical nature of life, which is ruthless to everyone who comes into this world. It is on us to choose sides, try and find answers and struggle in a universe that has existed before us and will go on after us."

Predatory Void came to be when guitarist Lennart Bossu (Amenra, Oathbreaker) found himself writing material that wasn't really suited for Amenra. Lennart gathered a group of likeminded people living in the area of Ghent (BE) - including the versatile vocalist and tattoo artist Lina R - and soon after, the band was born, with Tim De Gieter (bass; Amenra, Doodseskader, Much Luv Studio), Thijs De Cloedt (guitar; Cobra The Impaler, ex-Aborted), and Vincent Verstrepen (drums). Predatory Void played their first show at the renowned Soulcrusher Festival (NL) alongside artists such as Ihsahn, Envy, Cave In and Heriot, creating a buzz within the scene. With an album's worth of material already written, they signed to Century Media Records for their worldwide debut.

With this signing news, Predatory Void revealed their plans to perform said debut record - Seven Keys to the Discomfort of Being - in full at Roadburn Festival 2023. The band comments: "We feel privileged to be granted the opportunity to present our debut album, 'Seven Keys to the Discomfort of Being', in its entirety at Roadburn, one of the institutions that set the standard in the world of underground heavy music. The album contains some things that will be difficult to recreate live elsewhere, so this will definitely be a unique occasion. It will also be one of our very first live shows ever, so we can't imagine a better and more exciting start for a new band."

Predatory Void line-up:

Lina R - vocals

Lennart Bossu - guitar

Tim De Gieter - bass

Thijs De Cloedt - guitar

Vincent Verstrepen - drums


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