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Concerttip | Kameel + Bekszynski - Werf

Musical hurricane KAMEEL is the energetic trio Patrick Steenaerts (guitar), Hans Mullens (bass) and Geert Roelofs (drums).

Their debut album 'Barkas' was released in February 2020. A very idiosyncratic and very dynamic record with instrumental compositions full of experiment and juicy melodies. Sometimes danceable, at other times capricious, crooked or angular, but always without compromise.

KAMEEL sounds dark, strange, threatening, mysterious, cinematic, but also in your face, sometimes groovy, sometimes free ... Jazz for punks!

The second album 'Trugschluss' will be released early 2023.

(bron: Werf)

woensdag 19 april 2023, Werf (Hasselt, BE)


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