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Sounds | Zoe Zobrist, Better

Better is een leuke popsong verpakt in een countrykleedje. Het nummer komt zachtjes binnen en nestelt zich voorzichtig in je oor. Zobrist heeft een aangename stem die een bepaalde kracht herbergt. De leuke gitaarpartijen en drumritmes tillen Better uit de grijze (pop)massa.

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"This song was a healing one to write. We’re all figuring it out - what works, what doesn’t; how to create a life for ourselves that allows us to be the best version of ourselves that we can. We all have a past, some of our pasts contain parts that are very painful and confusing. But when we grow up, we have the ability/responsibility to nurture ourselves, listen to ourselves & do the work needed to heal properly - to almost “parent” ourselves in a way through our adulthood. That’s up to us. No one else. & guess what? Each of us has the power to do so. Wherever you are on your journey, you have everything you need inside of yourself. Your heart, your creations, the way you feel are all important & can be transmuted into things that bring light to others during their dark moments. Sending lots of love your way."

Zoe Zobrist is a singer-songwriter originally hailing from Dallas, TX. Zoe has an old soul beyond her years, giving her writing honesty and vulnerability, coming from intense life experiences and maturity. Currently pregnant with her first child, Zoe recently released “Oh Baby,” a moving new single written as a love letter to her son.


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