• John Van de Mergel

Sounds | When Waves Collide, Dark Matter

Dark Matter begint als een typische, zij het zéér sterke, post rock/metal song in de lijn van wat o.a. Long Distance Calling (DE) brengen. Rond de twee minuten krijgt het nummer echter even een totaal andere dimensie door het spelen met klassieke invloeden. Vandaar dan in rechte lijn naar een epische finale! Knap gedaan. Ook knap is de geanimeerde video van de hand van drummer Andrea.

Chasm verschijnt op 23 april via Antigony Records.

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After having released The Fallen, which represents the prologue of the album "Chasm" due for release on April 23rd for Antigony Records, french post-rock act When Waves Collide intrigues us with this second single titled "Dark Matter".

This song is the idea of an outside force. Somewhere in the universe there is something or someone acting with a predefined purpose and consequence. In the video, the woman wakes up from nowhere but knows exactly where to go. She follows mystically her path and travels through an unknown world until she finds the end of it, the dark matter. About the new track the band says: “'Dark Matter' is one of our songs on which we experimented the most with new electronic sonorities shaping our new sound that gives 'Chasm' its own identity. It's our favorite track to play live. We travel through many universes and sonic textures until a huge and powerful climax that always makes an impression on the audience and... ourselves. With the video we wanted to emphasize the mystic aspect of the album. Andrea - our drummer - challenged himself by telling this story and animating it alone during one year long". facebook