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Sounds | Wheel - Empire

Terug van even weggeweest en momenteel als trio, maar daarom niet minder energiek. Yep, de Tool-invloeden zijn er nog steeds, but who cares. Noem Wheel gerust de metal variant op die grootheden: iets minder verfijnd, compactere songs, diverse lagen en sferen én ... bakken drive! Ik ben ook nog steeds enorme fan van drummer Santeri Saksala.

Charismatic Leaders verschijnt op 3 mei 2024 verschenen via Odyssey Music.


Ter Info

Vocalist & guitarist James Lascelles comments of the track: “This is probably the most metal song I have ever written - it is intense as all hell when it kicks in and it keeps finding new ways to punch you in the face all the way to the end! Santeri did an incredible job with the drum track on this one and playing it live is really going to take some work in the rehearsal room.

Lyrically, it is about media empires and the effect they have on wider society - all of us are influenced to some degree, even if we would rather not admit it. Issues that require nuance are presented as binaries and opposing views are made into caricatures - a target for us to rage at that far too often, doesn't even exist. This is not a new phenomenon by any means but it is one that seems to have been catalysed by the modern landscape of media, the internet and populist politics. As you might be able to tell from the mood of the song, this pisses me off immensely and it was cathartic to vent about it.”


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