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Het is intussen al bijna anderhalf jaar geleden dat Kyle Pavone, de zanger van We Came As Romans, overleed. Na de release van Carry The Weight brengt de band ode aan hun tijd met Kyle in From The First Note. Met teksten als ‘I won't forget the memories, I know. You'll always be a part of me.’ eert de band hun voormalige zanger op een prachtige manier. Het is een heartfelt song waarbij de emoties hoog oplopen en waar Kyle zeker trots op was geweest.

(Maui Vindevogel)

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"'FTFN' is a song that celebrates the time that we got to spend with Kyle and acknowledges how truly remarkable of a brother and bandmate he was" says Moore. "Lyrically, I was able to reference 'To Plant a Seed and 'Tracing Back Roots' - which were both written about the start of the band and how we lived together. I was able to take Kyle's recorded vocal from 'TPAS' and fit it into the bridge of the song, so we can always hear him when we listen and play it".

"We wrote 'From The First Note' as a promise to Kyle to not only preserve the amazing moments and memories we had together, but to continue carrying on the legacy of everything we built together" says Glass. "The video portrays the band playing in a dream-like state, surrounded by beautiful colors and flowers. Our albums throughout the years have had themes of roots, branches, and overall growth. So we felt it was only right to create something that not only captured that essence but persevered it as well".

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