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Sounds | Vulture Industries - New Lords of Light

Vulture Industries klinkt als een platenmaatschappij voor obscure metalbandjes, maar niets is minder waar. Het is de naam van een progressive metalband uit Zweden die dit jaar zowaar al zijn twintigste verjaardag viert. En wie jarig is, trakteert.

Op 16 juni a.s. komt het inmiddels vijfde album van deze mannen uit. Het krijgt de illustere naam Ghosts from the past mee. In aanloop daar naartoe is recentelijk een nieuwe single gereleaset: New Lords of Light. Benieuwd wat de vijf Noorseheren in petto hebben? Zet dan die datum in je agenda!


“Ghosts from the past” draws a line from childhood spells of dark mystery and a sympathy for the outcast, to a present where monsters hide under your bed. Waiting, not to prey upon the sleeper, but to hide from the monstrosity of the day. Pulling on a wide range of influences; From dust riddled Spaghetti Westerns accompanied by Ennio Morricone, past the monochrome melancholia of apocalyptic post punk, through deep valleys and steep hills shrouded in progressive darkness and a Nordic noir looking to solve the unexplained murder of the truth. Landing on something once described by a fan as “This is how Nick Cave would sound like if he made metal.”, VULTURE INDUSTRIES has long since established itself as something singular, yet once familiar, strangely recognisable.

Written and recorded in a period of big changes both in our personal lives and in the world around us, this album is somehow a mirror of this. It reflects fear of a world spinning out of control, and a sense of powerlessness in the face of a world order falling apart. Crumbling only to be replaced by old ideas fronted by autocratic warlords with no sight in mind but their own power and legacy.

With a writing and production period starting in 2018 and ending in 2022, the process was their longest haul to date, and for a long time they felt lost and struggling to find a sense of direction. Now, having finished the mix and mastering some months ago, it is with great relief having some distance to the process, that VULTURE INDUSTRIES can state “Ghosts from the past” is their strongest album to date and hope you enjoy what is essentially a piece of their soul.


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