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Sounds | Vostok Train - Move On

Een lekker funky groovemonstertje dat in feite helemaal instrumentaal is, op een zacht gezongen 'Move On' na. De focus ligt deze keer duidelijk op de ritmesectie én véél spetterend gitaarwerk.

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Hard day’s night. Late-night rec session. Failed. Danny’s bored. Danny’s tired. Gets angry. Lays down a groove. He mumbles some incomprehensible shit. Band follows. They wrote a song.

Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible - Embrace the irrelevant.

"MOVE ON" is a beautifully bizarre call to arms: when life serves up a heaping helping of the strange and unexpected, don't get bogged down in the mundane.

Hate your job? MOVE ON. Lost this job you hate, but now you are broke? MOVE ON. Girlfriend dumped you? MOVE ON.

Lost your loved ones? MOVE ON.

The past is a fleeting memory, and the future is a cosmic joke. MOVE ON. Have a laugh at life's absurdity.

"MOVE ON" is a potent blend of musical genres, fueled by heart-pounding funky drum beats, energetic bass lines, soaring guitars, and infectious jazz-infused chord progressions. The result is a unique, high-octane sound that demands your attention and dares you to let go and live in the moment.

Join Vostok Train as we break from the norm, defy expectations, and embrace the irrelevant.

Ride The Train!


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