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Sounds | Void Of Vision ft Hannah Greenwood, Altar

Vuurspuwende riffs en tsunamiverwekkende drums. Mannelijke vocalen die een gemiddeld middenrif vlotjes aan gort scheuren, afgewisseld met zoete, sexy stem van Hannah Greenwood (van de Engelse band Creeper)... toen ik deze track opende vanuit de promomailbox wist ik toch enkele minuten lang niet waar kruipen. Lang geleden dat iets mij zo hard omver had geblazen. En dan wordt dat alles ook nog eens begeleid door een meesterlijke videoclip.

Ik wil hierbij dus toch nog vermelden dat de EP van Void Of Vision waar deze single uit voortkomt, getiteld Chronicles II: Heaven, op 29 april uitkwam via UNFD.


Gifting a delicious deluge of heart-stopping metal, ethereal elements and, for the first time ever, clean singing performances from vocalist Jack Bergin, "CHRONICLES II: HEAVEN" packs an unforgettable cinematic punch, as does its focus track "ALTAR", boasting sublime guest vocals from Hannah Greenwood of Creeper fame, and fittingly serving up vacillating beauty and brutality via a brand new music video released today alongside the EP.

Marking the aural apex of "CHRONICLES II: HEAVEN", "ALTAR" steadily worships unbridled lyrical exploration equally with loss, hope and gripping chaos as Bergin's searing vocals elegantly intertwine with guest vocalist Greenwood; and it's this enthralling contrast that is equally on full display via the brand new clip, directed in the UK by Zak Pinchin.

Bringing the rumination, rampage and raw charm on display across the space of five tracks to a riveting conclusion, "ALTAR" may ultimately close the metaphorical door to"CHRONICLES II: HEAVEN", but it also simultaneously and surreptitiously signposts an open-ended window to a boundless future in the Void Of Vision universe, as Bergin explains: "ALTAR serves as the ‘climax’, if you will, of the Chronicles series. It represents a stage where within loss, one’s world completely stops turning and life is left fleeting. I experienced a moment in time in said stage where I discovered that there are things death could never touch, and that love will always be impervious to it’s cold embrace". "We really wanted the finale of this EP to leave our world that we’ve created extremely open to what could come next. I feel like we’re leaving our story teetering on the edge of either a rebirth harnessing new-found energy or a relapse into chaos and destruction.. potentially even somewhere in-between".


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