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Sounds | Vaudeville Etiquette, Fever Dream

Even alle zorgen vergeten, je laten gaan, beetje rondhuppelen, genieten van het moment,...dat is zowat de sfeer die Fever Dreams oproept wanneer je gewoon op de muziek afgaat. Vaudeville Etiquette zweven steeds tussen americana, westcoast rock en pop en brengen hun nummer live met enorm veel enthousiasme en plezier. Vandaar dat ik toch voor deze wat oudere live versie heb gekozen.De studio versie werd net uitgebracht. "Sometimes life can feel so surreal, but it all comes down to taking care of each other, and doing what we can to help others get through troubled times. We hope this song makes you dance. Dancing helps!"

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ter info Vaudeville Etiquette is Seattle Americana Rock. Magnetic, provocative, and dynamic with deep roots and classic rock chemistry. Think Stevie Nicks and Ryan Adams on a bender with The Allman Brothers.  Singer/songwriter duo Tayler Lynn and Bradley Laina met in college and began collaborating when they realized they both had a similar love for The Rolling Stones record, Exile on Main Street. The pair lifted the band name from an old celluloid slide of a lost silent film during a misguided jaunt to Los Angeles, and Vaudeville Etiquette was born. They began as a duo playing shows in Seattle, WA then quickly expanded into the show-stopping Americana rock quintet that has steadily built a loyal fanbase playing legendary clubs, concert halls, and festivals across the US and Europe.

Vaudeville Etiquette's dynamic sound pushes the boundaries of psych-folk with grit, passion, and come-hither wit. The Seattle quintet fills timeless melodies with modern lyrics, heady harmonies, and a potent country-meets-classic-rock chemistry.

Their live performances are magnetic and provocative. Duo lead vocals and a wailing pedal steel dive from energetic anthems to wistful ballads and back again with psychedelia and fearless on-stage improvisation. 


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