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Sounds | Three Times Royal - Wildfire

Het werd nog eens tijd voor een nieuwe 3XR! De band laat trouwens een voor hen toch wel verrassend geluid horen. Geen pure metalcore banger, wel een pak symfonische invloeden die me doen denken aan de jonge Evanescence. Vocaal speelt Iris dan weer met contrasten, méér nog dan ooit tevoren. Hoe verder kan haar (brave) cleane zang verwijderd zijn van de unclean parts die we zo goed kennen. Gaat ze even voor de fun ook nog een stukje scatten halfweg, why not.

Ik heb zo het gevoel dat Goessens eindelijk haar plek gevonden heeft en pas nu volledig tot ontplooiing komt. Voor ons betekent dit: smullen maar!

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Wildfire is a musical tour de force that combines poignant lyrics with haunting melodies and cinematic, orchestral arrangement creating an auditory experience that resonates with those trying to make sense of a world that seems on the verge of shattering.

Wildfire tells a gripping tale of a love teetering on the edge of collapse. The lyrics are filled with raw emotion, as the singer grapples with the notion of impending doom, fading sense of self and a desire to leave behind a troubled history. The song encapsulates a complex, emotionally charged narrative of love, desperation, and the struggle to find meaning in chaos. It reflects on the global uncertainty, fragility of human kind and destructive forces at play.

Vocalist Iris Goessens says, “I've always been drawn to the cinematic allure of music, and that's what served as the initial spark for this song. It began as an orchestral composition, but over time, it metamorphosed into a captivating metal fusion that perfectly encapsulates the song's inherent drama. In an effort to intensify the emotional journey, I invited my friend Danny da Costa as a guest artist, and he delivered a mesmerising guitar solo, adding a unique dimension that deviates from our typical metalcore sound in Three Times Royal. Writing, recording, and producing this song in our own space gave us an incredible sense of creative freedom and time to do whatever the heck we wanted. Throughout this creative process, I discovered my passion for producing."

For the final mix/master, we had the pleasure of working with my talented friend Chris DTN Music, who absolutely crushed it!

Foto: John Van de Mergel


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