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Sounds | Three Times Royal - Deathbells

Met razend drumwerk en een pompende bas gaat de tweede single van 3TR van start. Volle gas vooruit, no hold barred! Fans van het eerste uur konden dit nummer al live beleven en als vanzelfsprekend moet er dan ook een circle pit bij.

Deathbells laat echter meer horen dan enkel fullout metalcore/deathcore. De vele breaks en tempowissels houden de song boeiend. Iris schakelt moeiteloos tussen grunts, screams en véél meer clean vocals dan we van haar gewoon zijn en zorgt zo voor prachtige melodielijnen. Willa countert met gedowntunede riffs.

Tweemaal geschoten, tweemaal raak!

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“Deathbells” is a story about a power struggle. The single shares the turmoil of a love triangle between the protagonist, their vices and their lover. Relapse runs rampant as vices suppress each breath of an exhausted addict. Listen to the collapse of human life and love.

“I have learned never to underestimate the capacity of the human mind and body to regenerate -- even when prospects seem most wretched. The life force may be the least understood force on earth."

- Norman Cousins (in his; Anatomy of an Illness)

Three Times Royal is a multinational metal/core band formed in Los Angeles, CA in early 2021.

Three Times Royal creates a cathartic experience of a checkered past and satisfying stories of femme fatales. The project features blood-curdling screams, strong pop melodies, fresh hooks and power driven instrumentals.

This is the second project for vocalist Iris Goessens. Iris has acclaimed success in Western Europe for her work in Spoil Engine. She has been praised by media outlets for her screaming range and exciting stage presence. Bassist, Mayson Ivy grew up in the hardcore punk scene in San Diego, CA. She found her family in metal and has since been everywhere in the scene. You may have seen her creeping around the backstage, FOH and music studios in the US and Europe. She is a familiar face backstage but songwriting and live performance is her passion and she is ready to take her long awaited position on stage. Willa Rose Ashley is a LA raised guitarist. Born into a music industry family with a guitar in her hand. Her father worked with Blink-182, New Found Glory and BB-King. Willa grew up in the backstage at pop punk shows. After taking a few years to grieve the passing of her father she’s ready to return to the industry that raised her and connect with the people who she considers family.


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