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Sounds | The Wandering Hearts - Letter To Myself

Laat het buiten maar druilerig en fris zijn, ik zit hier lekker in mijn dekentje gewikkeld te luisteren naar de prachtige close harmony zang van dit Britse trio. Letter To Myself is vintage americana: folky en poppy met een fijne psychedelische rock toets om af te romen. Denk gerust Laurel Canyon! Ik zou zo enkele verwijzingen kunnen opsommen want die zijn er ruimschoots. Vullen jullie maar zelf aan, ik zak nog even dieper weg.

Mother verschijnt op 22 maart 2024 via Chrysalis Records.

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Motherhood changes everything. Little moments assume a much greater significance, and every memory holds the potential to last forever. Responsibilities expand, yet joy does as well. The Wandering Hearts intimately explore this maternal transformation on their aptly titled third full-length offering ‘Mother’. The band, Tara Wilcox [vocals], A.J. Dean [vocals, acoustic guitar] and Francesca ‘Chess’ Whiffin [vocals, mandolin], chronicle this season of growth and change across eleven tracks. 


“I was pregnant when we started making the record, and Tara was pregnant when we finished it,” notes Chess. “During the process, we really found ourselves as a band. Motherhood has helped us grow and find meaning. It brought our writing and performing to a different level.”

The group worked out of Chess’s home studio in Darlington, drawing on everything from folk to rock. Surrounded by guitars, a vintage piano and classic equipment, the music gestated in a room affectionately dubbed, “The Music Womb.A.J. goes on, “This album started as a folk EP and grew into something entirely different.  It has elements of folk, rock, blues, pop and more with our voices tying it all together. We were really just making an album for us. We think the result is the best music we've ever made.”


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