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Sounds | The Devils - Killer's Kiss

December 2022, ik had nood aan iets compromisloos en rauw. Ik schreef "Op de grens waar punk en vunzige rock & roll elkaar ontmoeten en de strijd met elkaar aan gaan." Exact een jaar later leek ook een collega van me voor deze Italianen te vallen. En nu is het terug aan mij. The Devils doen niets nieuws, maar wat ze doen, dat doen ze lekkerrrrrrrrr.

Let The World Burn Down verschijnt op 9 februari 2024 via Go Down Records.

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"All feelings of a kiss milk their absolute from the misery of the glands. Dignity lies in the disenchanted affection that survives a moment of drooling. A duel of salivas in the desert of a frustrated life can lead to hope, but with hope comes love, and with love comes hate. Hope is the worst of evils, prolongs torment, and is the most basic shape of delirium. But the only true form of hope we have is resignation. Sooner or later any desire must encounter its tiredness: its truth. But unlike pleasures, pains do not lead to satiety."

Hailing from Naples, Italy, Gianni Blacula and Erika Switchblade, the driving forces behind The Devils, have crafted a unique and chaotic sound that embodies the essence of rock'n'roll. Their music is raw, primal, and oozes with sex, sin, and unadulterated energy. Following the release of their first two singles, "Divine Is The Illusion" and "Til Life Do Us Part," the band is now offering fans another glimpse of what's to come with a captivating lyric video for their latest single, "Killer's Kiss".


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