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Sounds | The Devils - Til Life Do Us Part

Uit het Italiaanse Napels krijgen we Til Life Do Us Part van The Devils. Dit power duo bestaande uit Gianni Blacula en Erika Switchblade brengen deze song in een mix van Blues, Soul en Rock 'n Roll. Rauw, sexy zelfs de term lust komt naar boven tijdens het beluisteren van deze song. Ook het gedeelte waar men neuriet is de perfecte aansluiting tussen de coupletten. Een simpele maar intrigerende zwart/wit clip maakt het geheel perfect af. Op 9 februari volgt de geboorte van hun nieuwe album, Let The World Burn Down.

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The Devils will release their fourth album "Let The World Burn Down" on February 9th via Go Down Records. Hailing from Naples, Italy, the power duo consisting of Gianni Blacula and Erika Switchblade embody the definitive sound of chaos; their style is primitive, full of sex, sin and rock'n'roll. After the release of the first single "Divine Is The Illusion" the band follows up today with the brand new track "Til Life Do Us Part".

The Devils on "Til Life Do Us Part":

"The sound of this song was inspired by all our obsessive Blues and Soul listening over the past years. It's about the most abused and misunderstood term in the world - Love-. Love is just a word, and if it exists, then only for oneself. The other person is only a means of self-realization and the reaffirmation of the ego and its irrepressible limit. The ego is incurable. We desire our own desire, and the loved one is nothing but an accessory".


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