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Sounds | The Answer Lies In The Black Void - Ataraxia

De kennismaking kwam met de release van Forlorn: ik was meteen fan van de sfeervolle doom van dit project. En dat ben ik nog steeds. TALITBV weet de klassieke elementen te verweven met zowel gothic als etnische invloeden en levert ook nog eens een knappe visuele ondersteuning af.

Thou Shalt verschijnt op 13 oktober via Burning World Records.

Live zaterdag 4 november 2023, De Helling (Utrecht, NL) zondag 5 november 2023, Dutch Doom Days at Baroeg (Rotterdam, NL)


“’Ataraxia’ is the album opener of our second album Thou Shalt. The album is inspired by the concept of Carl Jung’s shadow… the search for and the embracing of one’s dark side. This is how Jung explained it: ‘Taking it in its deepest sense, the shadow is the invisible saurian tail that man still drags behind him. Carefully amputated, it becomes the healing serpent of the mysteries.'”

The Answer Lies In The Black Void is a collaboration between Martina Horváth from avant-garde metal project Thy Catafalque and Jason Köhnen from Celestial Season, The Lovecraft Sextet, Bong-Ra, ex-The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble, the duo also work together in the transcendental music project Mansur that releases on Denovali Records.

Horváth and Köhnen joined forces through their passion for all things doom, presenting their personal take on the genre with all its beautiful darkness and from all possible angles. Bringing their own mix of atmospheric laden avant-doom.

After their immensely well received debut album ‘Forlorn’, The Answer Lies In The Black Void now returns with their second album titled ‘Thou Shalt’. Inspired by Carl Jung’s ‘shadow work’ this new album is scheduled for release on October 13th via Burning World Records and will followed by the bands first ever live performances with a full line-up in a small tour throughout The Netherlands and Germany. The Answer Lies In The Black Void will be performing live as a 5 piece, with Botond Fogl (guitar), Attila Kovacs (guitar) and MarkPotkovacz (drums) being part of the full line-up.


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