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Sounds | Tejon Street Corner Thieves, Greasy Coat

Energie, aangevuld met nog meer energie, hou je klaar om de armen in elkaar te slaan en te stampen met de voeten. Dit is wat deze vette bluegrass sound met je doet. Eigenlijk zijn het twee liedjes in één, namelijk Graesy Coat en Cluck Old Hen. Maar hup met de beentjes en geniet van Greasy Coat. Op 7 mei 2021 komt hun nieuwe album Stolen Goods uit, vol van traditionele americana-, folk- en bluegrasscovers.

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"We call this one a barn burner," shared Tejon front man, Connor O'Neal. His band, Colorado Springs-based outlaw alt-folk group Tejon Street Corner Thieves have released their unique energetic take on the bluegrass classic "Greasy Coat". The track is the latest single released from their upcoming new album Stolen Goods, which is set for a May 7th release through Liars Club/Regime Music Group. "There’s been a lot of skepticism about this song's original meaning but we’ve actually combined two songs here; Greasy Coat and Cluck Old Hen," commented Connor O’Neal. "We live for live shows and they tend to get rowdy, so we approached this one with the same kind of fast energy we have during our live show." Stolen Goods is a 10-track collection of classic traditional Americana, folk, and bluegrass covers that pays homage to the forefathers of the genre who laid the groundwork for what would become the roots of modern folk. Recorded at Royal Recordings in Colorado Springs with producer Bill Douglass, the songs on Stolen Goods have become a staple of Tejon Street Corner Thieves set dating back to their early days busking the streets for pocket change. When it came time to assemble the visual album artwork, Tejon Street Corner Thieves were blessed with an original illustration by artist Jim Evans, also known as TAZ the “Rock Poster God.” TAZ has illustrated and designed some of the most iconic rock posters for everyone from Neil Young, the Ramones, Smashing Pumpkins, Pixies and more.

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