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Sounds | Tal Wilkenfeld, Killing Me

Wilkenfeld is geen onbekende in de muziekwereld, toch niet bij artiesten als Jeff Beck, Jackson Browne, Prince, Herbie Hancock, The Allman Brothers,... Vorig jaar verscheen Love Remains, haar eerste album als lead artieste, en nu volgt er een eerste video. Killing Me drijft op haar uitmuntende basspel en drums. Ook haar stem is erg herkenbaar.

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(live opening for The Who)

ter info Wilkenfeld’s latest creative offering is a new music video for the Love Remains song, “Killing Me.” The intimate video depicts the songwriter alone in a room in isolation – a reality many can relate to today, Wilkenfeld notes. But from isolation, the artist says, we can learn much about ourselves. 

“The epicenter of the video,” Wilkenfeld says, “is when I’m eating the paper out of a book. Because I’m not just hungry for written knowledge, it’s self-knowledge, too, as it comes from self-reflection and time alone. Even though this is a very scary time and we’re losing loved ones and we’re losing our jobs, I know I can try to make the most out of it. We can all try to look inward and become better.” (Bron: American Songwriter)


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