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Sounds | Subterranean Street Society - Killing For Fun

De boodschap uitgedragen door de band is niet mis te verstaan, maar laat ik het gewoon op de muziek houden. Ik heb SSS nog nooit zo grungy/fuzzy gehoord als op dit nummer en het bijhorende album Bleep. Ik moet toegeven dat ik dit geluid wel kan smaken. De vroege Black Keys zijn nooit veraf. Hoogtijd om toch eens door dat album te gaan dat ik om onverklaarbare reden aan me heb laten voorbijgaan.

Bleep is op 8 maart 2024 verschenen.

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Single ‘Killing For Fun’ is a song about how Americanization has been raging all over the globe through art, music, fashion and endless wars. A sinister and sarcastic outlook on a superpower that acts as the saviour of the western world.

‘Killing For Fun’ is a hot take on how modern day warfare is treated more and more like a computer game, where America is the leading player on the battlefields, equipped with joysticks and drones.

About Subterranean Street Society

Subterranean Street Society doesn’t beat around the bush, the Danish-Dutch alternative rock band brings raw rock with a poetic edge and has seen most of the world through their music. The trio incorporates different genres into their songs and sound, with clear influences taken from indie, folk, grunge and rock. In 2023 they leave their melancholic sound behind and storm on with strong protest songs that you simply cannot ignore. On 'God Couldn't Save The Queen', singer Louis wonders why we still put royal families on a pedestal, and single 'Focus On The Melody' is a raging garage rock track about the dying attention span of modern society.


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