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Sounds | State Champs, Eventually

In februari kregen we nog een poppunk topper van State Champs samen met Ben Barlow (Neck Deep) voorgeschoteld. Een maand voor de release van hun nieuwe album Kings of the New Age! krijgen we opnieuw een fijn nummer te horen. In Eventually krijgen het gekende State Champs geluid te horen met een catchy refreintje. Wetende dat State Champs niet langer stops maakt in België en Nederland op hun Europese tour volgende maand, doet toch nog een beetje éxtra pijn als je weer zo'n fijn liedje te horen krijgt.

In the past few years, I’ve had my first real experience with mental health issues, as well as some physical battles that have affected my thought process on the future. This song is about facing those things head on. I’ve never been one to open up about these things, so I hope if anyone relates to ‘Eventually’ even in the slightest, it lets them know that it’s ok to have these feelings and to talk about them. Writing this song motivated me to take the necessary steps to get my mind and body back to a healthy place, and I hope those listening are able to do the same”.

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State Champs has always embraced the idea of getting their music in front of as many people as possible. They aren’t running away from the sound they’ve established; if anything, it’s that scrappy punk spirit that drives them to continue to reach further and further. They’ve done pop arena tours, metal tours; they’ve even played a show on a beach. Wherever they turn up, they are going to be sincere and passionate. They are going to have fun. And moreover, so will you. This is an arena-ready band, capable of moving any kind of crowd, with the heart and soul of DIY freedom.

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