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Sounds | Stand Atlantic, hair out

Na de release van pity party afgelopen januari was het wachten op de volgende single van hun aankomende album F.E.A.R (Fuck Everything And Run). Afgelopen week was het eindelijk zo ver: hair out gaat verder op de energie van de reeds uitgebrachtte songs. Het liedje gaat over de verwachtingen die op zangeres Bonnie Fraser haar schouders lagen voor een nieuw album. En hoe die ervoor zorgden dat ze uiteindelijk haar eigen ding ging doen.

F.E.A.R. zal in totaal 14 liedjes bevatten, waaronder de reeds uitgebrachtte pity party, deathwish en nu hair out.

Zangeres Bonnie Fraser: “The worst part about people on the internet is that you’re almost force-fed their opinion about you or what you do". The expectations and pressure from everyone about “following up Pink Elephant and doing something good” ate away at her, to the point where “it almost feels impossible to feel like you can step up and meet expectations of anyone, let alone yourself”. Being home and isolated during the pandemic, Bonnie shares her frustration: “I just got absolutely fed up with ALL of it and it brought me to a ‘table flip’ attitude where I just wanted to make something for myself”.

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Stand Atlantic, made up of Bonnie Fraser (vocals/guitar), David Potter (guitar), and Jonno Panichi (drums), launched into the international eye following 2018’s "Skinny Dipping". The group’s blend of hard-charged rock and soaring pop melodies has earned them a home on international tours with the likes of New Found Glory, Neck Deep and State Champs – and critical accolades like a “Best International Breakthrough Band” nomination at the 2018 Heavy Music Awards and inclusion in Kerrang’s highly coveted Hottest Bands of 2018. In 2019, they toured Europe opening for The Maine.

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