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Sounds | Spotlights - Algorithmic

Op de zang na en de wat meer galmende ritmegitaar doet alles aan dit nummer me denken aan Soundgarden uit de Badmotorfinger periode. Luister naar die zware riffs en die stuwende ritmesectie. De donkere sfeer ook. Ik lees ergens 'post metal', maar dat is er bij dit nummer toch niet aan te horen, eerder grunge of om even trendy te zijn, post grunge. Knap gedaan. Ik hou van die sfeer.

Alchemy For The Dead verschijnt op 29 april 2023 via Ipecac Recordings.


Spotlights occupy the space between a push-and-pull of jarring metallic catharsis and sweeping distortion. Even as either side vies for supremacy, neither extreme ever completely tightens its grip, allowing waves of melodic vocals and expressive sonic sorcery to breathe in the middle. This deft balancing act has enabled the trio—husband-and-wife Mario Quintero [guitar, vocals, keys] and Sarah Quintero [bass, vocals] joined by Chris Enriquez [drums]—to carve a singular lane. Armed with an uncanny ability to wield darkness or light, the trio’s fourth full-length offering, Alchemy for the Dead [Ipecac Recordings] is a work of gothic grandeur and arrives on the 28th April.

For me, the song has a religious theme to it,” Mario adds. “It touches on the story of resurrection and afterlife in this one narrative, while wondering, does any of it really matter?” That narrative, one of death, the resistance and acceptance to one of life’s most secretive aspects, is a lyrical theme throughout Alchemy For The Dead."

Spotlights is Mario Quintero (guitar, vocals, keys), Sarah Quintero (bass, vocals) and Chris Enriquez (drums). The band has released three albums to date: Tidals (2016), Seismic (2018) and Love & Decay (2019). Consequence praised their “unique amalgam of sounds that is both heavy and heavenly,” Brooklyn Vegan said Spotlights “balances the pretty with metallic sludge,” and Invisible Oranges said they thrive “on the ambient and krautrock inspired edges of post-metal.” In the wake of their 2020 EP We Are All Atomic, Kerrang! observed, “That a band as heavy and romantic as Spotlights have become a fixture in the rock scene Is impressive; that they’ve done it in such a short period of time is tremendous.”


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