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Sounds | Sleepwulf, Stoned Ape

Pure, onversneden vintage seventies rock met een doom sfeertje. Zalige laid back zang, stevige riffs, lome donkere drums en een erg vette Hammond sound zorgen voor een feel uit lang vervlogen tijden. Een sound ook die we toch al enkele jaren terug mogen verwelkomen.

Sunbeams Curl verschijnt op 18 februari via Heavy Psych Sounds. Luister ook naar: Sex Magic Manifestation


"Inspiration for this song came from renowned psychonaut Terance Mckenna's Stoned Ape Theory. The idea that consuming psychedelic mushrooms kick started the evolution of our ancient ancestor’s neural pathways. This song explores this concept and follows our outward journey from the tree into the universe."

Stemming from the Scottish Highlands and the forests of Southern Sweden. Sleepwulf are the new wizards of early doom rock. They recently released their debut via Cursed Tongue Records (vinyl) and Stoner Witch Records (cassette tape).

Sleepwulf refers to the Nordic gods Skoll and Hati, two wolfs who continually hunt the sun and moon across the sky. During the downfall of the cosmos (Ragnarok), they catch their prey as the sky and earth darken and collapse. We thought that was pretty doom.

Members Sebastian Ihme: Guitar

Owen Robertson: Singer

Carl Lindberg: Drums

Viktor Sjöström: Bass facebook


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