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Sounds | Sleep Waker, 110 Minutes

De Amerikaanse nu-metalcore band Sleep Waker komt binnenkort met hun tweede album Alias. Na eerder de single Distance te hebben uitgebracht krijgen we nu een tweede voorproefje van het album met 110 Minutes. Na het "rustiger" en meer melodische Distance is 110 Minutes een zwaardere en meer energieke track, met snellere en technische riffs die hard inslaat. Een toffe track die met net iets over 2 minuten ook weer snel voorbij is en naar meer smaakt.

Alias van Sleep Waker staat gepland voor release op 23 juli via UNFD.

Luister ook naar: Distance

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Alias, which follows the band's 2017 debut EP Lost In Dreams and the 2018-released full-length Don't Look at the Moon,is the sort of album that asks listeners to examine who we are, how we quantify our reality, and what it means to be alive. Although rooted in many of the same conceptual themes and ideas that gave the band their successful start in 2017, this time they're diving even deeper. This time, it's not just conceptual exploration. This time, it's personal.

The band draws inspiration from the dream-like surrealism of David Lynch's Twin Peaks series, and futuristic sci-fi movies The Matrix, Blade Runner, Ghost In The Shell and Japanese sci-fi anime series Cowboy Bebop.

In a world of synthetic reality, AR, VR and simulation theory, questioning whether we're really awake or just experiencing a construct of reality can no longer be dismissed as a crackpot notion. We don't yet know enough about the wider universe to definitively answer many of life's biggest questions. So as the lines between life, art, and experience become ever more blurred, why shouldn't Sleep Waker blend pop culture with their own personal realities? And yet, in amongst all of these otherworldly sci-fi settings and lofty ideas, you have incredibly heavy, very real, and hard-hitting sentiments.


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