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Sounds | Rival Sons - Bird In The Hand

Zichzelf herhalen doet deze machtige band in elk geval niet. Drie singles, drie verschillende sounds, wat doet vermoeden dat Darkfighter (en het later dit jaar te verschijnen Lightbringer) wel eens zéér divers kunnen zijn. Rival Sons zijn gewoonlijk sterk beïnvloed door rock, soul en blues uit de jaren zeventig, maar deze keer gaan ze nog een decennium verder terug en doen zowaar denken aan de Beatles. Meesterstrot Buchanan doet trouwens wat ik hem het liefst hoor doen: zingen! De kenmerkende uithalen zijn leuk zo nu en dan, echter ... less is more en dat onderstreept hij hier duidelijk.

Darkfighter verschijnt op 2 juni 2023 via Atlantic Records. Luister ook naar: Nobody Wants To Die Rapture

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Commenting on the new track vocalist Jay Buchannan noted, “There’s a lyric in there, ‘Let’s go down to the river where the water runs still and deep, to scatter the ashes of the mess I used to be.’ You can burn through a whole lot of time just trying to find your lane, your realized intention. At some point you accept reincarnation as a waking process. Build, refine and burn again and again and the lyric, ‘A bird in the hand, now that’s a miracle I can believe’ is the immersive commitment to the present.”

Rival Sons - Jay Buchanan [vocals, harmonica, rhythm guitar], Scott Holiday [lead guitar], Mike Miley [drums], and Dave Beste [bass] - play rock ‘n’ roll in its purest form without apology or pretense. Instead, they simply plug in, turn up, and rip on a path of their own. Along the way, they’ve architected a critically acclaimed catalog, including Pressure & Time [2011], Head Down [2012], Great Western Valkyrie [2014], Hollow Bones [2016], and FERAL ROOTS [2019]. The latter represented a creative and critical high watermark, scoring a pair of GRAMMY® Award nominations in the categories of “Best Rock Album” and “Best Rock Performance” for the single “Too Bad.” Elevating the band to another level, “Do Your Worst” vaulted to #1 at Rock Radio as their biggest hit to date, tallying north of 60 million streams and counting. Speaking to their impact, Rolling Stone attested, “Rival Sons have done their part to introduce new fans to rock.” Beyond sharing stages with everyone from Black Sabbath, The Rolling Stones, and AC/DC to Guns N’ Roses and Lenny Kravitz, they’ve ignited television shows such as The Late Late Show with James Corden. During 2021, they launched their own label Sacred Tongue Recordings distributed by Thirty Tigers and celebrated the tenth anniversary of Pressure & Time by performing the album in its entirety on tour. Ultimately, Rival Sons aren’t here to tell you exactly what to think or what to feel, but they’ll give you one hell of a ride if you let them. That ride twists and turns like never before on their 2023 full-length LP, DARKFIGHTER [Low Country Sound / Atlantic Records] kickstarted by the single “Nobody Wants to Die.” website


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