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Sounds | Rival Sons - Nobody Wants To Die

Daar zijn ze terug, de redders van soul infused rock&roll! De eerste single grijpt terug naar hun begindagen: recht door zee rock&roll, kletsen, bonken, hameren en volle gas vooruit, laat de finesses en nuances maar achterwege. Standout blijft die out of this world stem van Jay Buchanan natuurlijk, ook al gaat hier hier niet tot het gaatje, wat niet altijd hoeft natuurlijk.

De video? Tarantino, anyone? Eens kiekevel krijgen van een performance? Klik hier!

Darkfighter verschijnt op 10 maart 2023 via Atlantic Records


Born in Brooklyn, New York, Mikey “Smiles” Milroni was known largely for being a mafia hitman and enforcer. In 2006, Smiles moved to California and began developing rackets out there for the mob bosses on the East Coast. While there, he began courting the favor of Hollywood celebrities and gained some fame himself, thanks to his good looks and charm. Enraged at some of his disloyal activities, the East Coast bosses ordered a hit job on the hitman. He’s still on the run.

No one knows for sure where Mofo’s place of origin or birth name for that matter, but his earliest arrest warrants state he was first picked up hopping trains in his late teens. Fuzzlord recruited him from a rival gang because of his fearless, nefarious disposition and carries out the riskiest contracts. Known as the "wild card" of the gang, Mofo has been described as a hyper, almost psychotic individual, notorious for a flail as his weapon of choice.

Dave Beste, Born in Iowa. Has had enough of you people. Weapon of choice: Cold stare.

Born in Bossier City, Louisiana, Skutch Haliday, aka “Fuzzlord”was raised by a group of degenerate con men on a casino riverboat. He spent his formative years perfecting sleight-of-hand and assembling his own ragtag gangs throughout the area. Fuzzlord is known for a smooth demeanor and a steely determination that is matched only by his bad luck.

He was last seen out west teamed up with a man called “preacher”, where they are both wanted for a number of bank jobs, heists, and assorted long cons.

Orphaned at the age of 3 following a religious cults mass suicide in the jungles of Guyana, Jean Baptiste Chevalier was amnestied to the United States through the efforts of the Trinity Broadcast Network. After nine years of failed home placements within the hopeful congregation, he was turned over as a ward of the state of California. His disappearance shortly after inspired an entire episode of America’s Most Wanted hosted by John Walsh dedicated to his safe return. Long presumed dead, Chevalier popped up nearly twenty years later when an FBI investigation linked his name to the financial records of over 300 religiously-affiliated bankruptcies spanning five states as well as indirect links to a dynamite stockade robbery in Carthage, Missouri. Known to be a charismatic and persuasive character, his preternatural gift for helping the faithful part with their money is in large part due to his encyclopedic knowledge of King James Bible scripture; earning him the moniker “Preacher.” Though he’s never been charged with assault or murder, eerily, Chevalier is mentioned by name in no less than 47 documented suicide notes over the last 12 years. He was last seen in surveillance footage from a liquor store in Adelanto, CA, which shows him in a heated exchange with known fugitive Skutch “Fuzzlord” Haliday.


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